Torey Thornton

Article: Consumer Reports: Torey Thornton


Torey Thornton is a Brooklyn-based artist whose mixed media painting-centric practice has recently spread to include installation and sculpture. The artist was included in the 2017 Whitney Biennial and has staged solo exhibitions at the Albright–Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York; Stuart Shave/Modern Art in London; Shane Campbell in Chicago; Moran Moran in Los Angeles; and Karma in New York. His most recent exhibition was “Sustenance Traversing Foundational Urgencies (STFU [some])(Re-Faux Outing),” earlier this year at Essex Street in New York.

Thornton’s mega-Consumer Reports week covers a full seven days and takes place during a studio move. U-Haul vans are rented, the Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell is watched, and rare Beanie Babies are researched. Speaking of research, there is an investigation into the confusing art of “Tinder Blanks” and plenty of Shazam-ing, often to no avail. All that and plenty more below. —John Chiaverina (continued)