Titus Kaphar: THE VESPER PROJECT Opens at the Lowe

Article: THE VESPER PROJECT Opens at the Lowe


Rarely has art that explores notions of race been more relevant. The Vesper Project is a compelling and timely exhibition by New York artist Titus Kaphar, whose unforgettable installation does just that. It features ghostly architecture and hauntingly beautifuly paintings that question the meaning of "race." It opens at the Lowe on September 8 and runs through December 23, 2016.

The Vesper Project is the culmination of Titus Kaphar's intensive engagement with the fictional history of the Vespers, a 19th-century New England family who were able to "pass" as Caucasian despite the fact that their mixed racial heritage made them black in the eyes of the law. The resulting project, which includes The Remains of an abandoned Connecticut home into which the artist has incorporated his own work, interrogates notions of race, identity, memory, and social constructs. Through slashing, silhouetting, and whitewashing, Kaphar creates a complex map that compresses time and elides personal histories. The artist's most ambitious installation to date, The Vesper Project obliterates the distance between viewer and work, and is as immersive as it is experiential. (more at BroadwayWorld.com)

Titus Kaphar Finding Moses Taylor Collection Denver