Alex Becerra: Interview

Article: Purple Magazine



BILL POWERS — We have a mutual friend who said she first met you selling sandals on Venice Beach.

ALEX BECERRA — During “Made in LA” in 2012, I got invited by Ali Subotnick to be part of the Venice Beach Biennial. She asked more than 50 artists to be vendors along the boardwalk at the beach. In my little booth, I sold these custom, handmade Huaraches that were made out of acrylic paint. They looked functional, but if you put them on, they’d rip apart after five steps.

BILL POWERS — For your solo show in Berlin this summer, you included a giant painting of your dog?

ALEX BECERRA — Of my dog, Fletch.

BILL POWERS — Is he named after the Chevy Chase movie?

ALEX BECERRA — Yeah. At my studio in LA, he’s always with me. Not too many of my friends live around this