Pedro Reyes: Exhibit ‘The People’s United Nations’ to tackle world issues

Article:  Exhibit ‘The People’s United Nations’ to tackle world issues


"Pedro Reyes’ paintbrush doesn’t lay down strokes of color. Instead, the Mexican artist’s paintbrush adds an element of theater to his artworks.

His project, the second General Assembly of “The People’s United Nations,” or “pUN,” is an experimental symposium that incorporates theatrical aspects.

The project applies techniques and resources from social psychology, theater, art and conflict resolution to geopolitics. Taking place Saturday and Sunday, the gathering will join together 160 people of different ethnic backgrounds and professions based in the Los Angeles area in an effort to use theater technique to resolve world issues, such as global warming.

“Unlike the real United Nations, where delegates are appointed by states and are career diplomats, the ‘pUN’ offers a diverse and interdisciplinary approach unrestricted by the protocols of diplomacy,” Reyes said."