Mortimer: Justin Mortimer's New Exhibition Kult To Open At Parafin London

Article: "Justin Mortimer's New Exhibition Kult To Open At Parafin London"


"Parafin presents an exhibition by the acclaimed British painter Justin Mortimer. This exhibition of new work coincides with his first solo exhibition in a public space at the Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham until 31 May. Justin Mortimer’s latest paintings reflect upon a world in a state of disorder. The artist is an avid observer of the social and political upheaval that defines the international news agenda and these works echo recent events in the US, Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria and Afghanistan, as well as the ongoing Ebola crisis in Africa. Yet Mortimer wrings from this narrative of violence and oppression images of both hope and despair as well as a strange and troubling beauty." more at Artlyst

Mortimer Cult 2011 17.7x13.7 Taylor Collection Denver