Dancy, Mack, Mahama, Kantarovsky: The Top 15 Emerging Artists of 2015

Article:  The Top 15 Emerging Artists of 2015


You’ve likely spotted one of Dancy’s languid, muscular female nudes around the art world this year. In myriad forms, including murals, drawings in neon, paintings, and shower curtains, Dancy’s nudes have cropped up at Frieze, FIAC, Art Basel in Miami Beach (in Artsy Projects: Nautilus), L.A.’s Night Gallery, and across from feminist pioneer Mary Beth Edelson at MoMA PS1’s “Greater New York,” the renowned bellwether of emerging talent, in 2015 alone. “Mira Dancy’s work packs a lot of punch!,” Mia Locks, one of the exhibition’s curators told Artsy. “Her bright and bold imagery is full of women with tremendous attitude and psychological power, and I’m particularly taken with the conflicted positions her figures occupy. They feel simultaneously exposed and empowered, beautiful but also distorted or unhinged.”   more at Artsy

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